Hey there friends !

My name is Lukas and Cultifact is my solo guitar project started on April 2021.
It's a definition of pure DIY since everything is done and funded solely by me

in my free time - after 8h of a regular office job. It turned out that Cultifact became my second job as it consumes comparable amount of time. 

This project is constantly evolving as I am searching for the new side-content as an addition to my music. I am mainly focused on composing and recording second album which will be released (hopefully) on the late Q4 of 2021 but...


In the meantime I decided to expand my activity with creating a youtube content related to recording music at home, reviewing plugins and other guitar equipment.
I also get myself into guitar and music gear photography.


As you can imagine this forced me to invest heavily in photo and video equipment as well as editing software. All the things are self-funded as I hate to be financially dependent on third parties. Despite investing my money I struggle with something which is even more valuable - investing huge amount of my private time.

All the video and photo editing forced me to gather the knowledge of photography, video editing, postproduction, colorgrading and all other related fields.
All of that just to give you the content which is at highest possible quality within my reach.

How can you help me?

If you fell supportive and would like to be an important part of my work you can support the cause in two ways: by non-financial or financial activity. 

Both solutions are highy appreciated as I value all your input equally. 

To support my work non-financially you can simply take some of your time and do some clicking on social media. Simple as that!

Each of your activity in the social media expand the range of my posts, videos as well as influence the behaviour of internet SEO. Talking simpler: It's all about the numbers, views, subscribers, followers, likes etc.

The biggest obstacle I encounter is that most of the sites, portals or gear equipment companies are not interested in any form of replaying to my emails cause for them I'm not a valuable number . Keep that in mind next time you read something like "we support smaller bands & artist". Such situation leads to an endless loop of being in low numbers limbo, waiting for our first major oppurtunity. 


I don't have numbers = I don't get support from bigger players.
Im not getting support from bigger players = I don't have numbers.

You see where I'm heading right ? This is where you my friend can make a difference!

Non-financial support - how you can change the faith of my project just by clicking!

The most crucial thing for me is gathering the numbers on all major platforms that counts. By clicking the icons below you will be re-directed to the official cultifact pages of a given platform. All the links will open in separate windows. 

You can  support me by following, subscribing, making a comment, leaving the like or thumb up. It all matters and make a huge difference !

For Spotify make sure to follow and add the songs to any of your playlists. This algorithm helps me pushing my music to the curator created playlists and makes a huge difference in terms of being selected for the major Spotify playlists on which all the artist wish to be included.

For YouTube - subscribing and leaving the thumb up under my videos is the best you can do! Watching the videos from the beginning till the end also helps the channel and add statistical value to the content I'm uploading. Remember that I don't want to add any commercials to my videos cause I belive that whenever I will make money out of this project it should be related to music and things I do instead of adding  some fast food restaurant advertisment in the middle of my videos. 
Instagram - following my profile is more than enough. I base all my actions, news, photos and teasers on Instagram. This is my main informative platform to stay in touch with you guys. I am also involved in many private conversations with all over instagram as I really like to treat it personally as much as I can. I believe that being in direct contact with all of you is the most interesting experience that many artists overlook.
Facebook became the least interesting platform for me as I don't belive in any paid actions. But if you would like to stay in touch you can like and follow my facebook page - all the crucial informations given on the Instagram are synced with facebook page so it's up to you which platform suits you most.


  • Spotify - Biały Krąg
  • YouTube - Biały Krąg
  • Instagram - Biały Krąg
  • Facebook - Biały Krąg

Financial support - how you can help me fund Cultifact!

If you feel like having too much money remember that I will gladly take a few bucks ;)

The most appreciated way of supporting me financially is by purchasing my music and ordering my merch products. Despite physicall copies of my CD, I created a short limited line of high quality T-shirts, printouts and mugs. All of that can be ordered via official badcamp page or merch section on this website. I really value your feedback on bandcamp page so you can become an official supporter just by ordering my music digitally. The debut album is only 4,75€ and ordering it gives you a possibility to became a member of our small society. I'm always extremally happy seeing that someone ordered the bandcamp or iTunes version of my CD - it means a lot to me personally.

Below you can find the bandcamp and iTunes links:


  • Bandcamp - Biały Krąg
  • iTunes - Biały Krąg

You can also fund me directly via buymeacoffee.com

I recently opened the possibility of becoming a full time supporter of my upcoming release by creating the profile on buymeacoffe.com website. You can support my beaver tech team that you already meet at Instagram by funding a jars of peanut butter ! Each jar is worth 3€ and all the supporters will be included on the upcoming release by their name - unless they don't want to :)

Here is the direct link for my buymeacoffee.com page: